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Celebrating World Safety and Health at Work Day

Today, 865 000 people will either die or be injured doing their job. Every year, lost work days, medical treatment, workers’ compensation and rehabilitation of occupational injuries and diseases will cost $2.8 trillion.

– Sandy Smith, 28th. April 2016
International Labor Organization (ILO) Director-General Guy Ryder used the occasion of World Safety and Health at Work Day to remind us that ensuring decent, safe, and healthy working conditions and environments is the responsibility of us all.
Ryder took office on Oct. 1, 2012 and sees the ILO as absolutely central to the questions of the day: jobs, social protection, the fight against poverty and equality. Ryder wants the ILO to play a role in difficult global situations – such as economic crisis – and on the national agendas of countries undergoing change, especially where the world of work is at stake.
The news is punctuated periodically by intense coverage of dramatic, heartbreaking stories that capture global attention: health workers…