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Business safety issues in Nigeria are largely left to hope rather than experience.
Cataclysmal occurrences elsewhere are ascribed to ill luck, home trouble, which can be left with the Pastor, Alfa, Babalawo, Seer or Marabout to sort out while you get on with the business of "making money". Sad road to take, but mind you, the choice is entirely yours. Besides, the power to choose is one of the most powerful tools God gifted us with so there's no call for regret when it all falls down and your business is badly hit. Your employees may be killed or maimed in the process which will leave in all sorts of troubles. It is a fact that each so-called accident puts you in the line of ill affordable mass of restitution bills, compensation claims, hiked insurance premiums and general re-start headaches; and a permanently damaged business reputation.
Mind you, people will cotton on faster if we had a clear cut policy and practice of enforcement of health and safety regulations in this …