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Sometimes we think or assume we know only to find out we don't.

For example, can you honestly answer the question: What is safety? Is it the absence of danger? Or a state of no accident, injury or damage? Or just some abstract thing that doesn't really exist outside your mind? Have you really given it a thought? It is a bit like asking BB King what is jazz music, isn't it?.

Would you say it has to do with something that started somewhere in Africa, forcibly brought to America via slave ships or that jazz is simply good music or something else? Either way you won't be making much sense to quite a number of folks but in the end, it is generally accepted that jazz is good music by followers of that genre of music.

Safety though is simpler and much more complex at the same time. Now safety is why you're careful about the water you drink, the food you eat, how you travel, where you sleep and when, the company you keep, etc. etc. That's why folks say to you to drive …


If this were to happen on your installation how would you react or respond? Would you know what to do? Are your people prepared to do what has to be done? Is there a plan in place to deal with stuff like this? Has the plan ever been tested, worked or it is locked up in the boss' office to show who  the Top Cat is? Or it is widely publicized for the workforce's clear and unambiguous understanding and effective practical interpretation? Does anyone know for sure what the plan says and who's got what and what role in any type of situation? What are the goals of the plan? When last was it updated to reflect current installation status or take into account recent hardware or procedural changes? Who's the focal point or custodian,whose job it is to maintain the Plan in a state of currency? Now is everyone confident they can do what's expected of them correctly and in time in an emergency? Who has been trained? Who has not been trained? For assigned roles and responsibility, …