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Staying safe on the road is not a Cocktail Party

Road traffic collisions (so called accidents) kill thousands of people in Nigeria every year, aside from thousands of others injured, not to mention damage to property and the environment as a result. It is estimated that in about 80% of those occurrences driver error is the principally the primary cause. That is to say that as many as eighty percent could have been prevented if drivers involved had acted differently when it mattered most.

However, drivers can only prevent collisions if they know what to do to respond correctly in time to dangerous situations. Acting correctly in time comes with proper training and constant practice. Any driver not properly schooled in the art of safe driving is a problem to him/herself as well as to others because like they say, it is impossible to give what you do not have. According to local authority sources, most drivers plying our roads lack basic safe driving skills because they did not pass through approved or standard driver training schemes…