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Road Traffic Collisions Are Preventable

Road traffic collisions (so called accidents) kill thousands of people in Nigeria every year. This is apart from thousands of others who are injured in the process, not to mention damage to property and the environment. Popular studies indicate that driver error is a major causal factor of upwards of about 80% of those crashes.That is to say that much volume of the total numbers could have been prevented if the drivers involved did the right thing and acted correctly, and n time.

While it may be true that a driver's action or inaction plays a critical role in what eventually happens, it is also true only those with the necessary knowledge, skill, training and education are the likely likely to act correctly in time to avoid a looming disaster. Any driver short of good and proper schooling in the art of safe driving education  can on a good day be a problem to self and others. Unless it is possible to give what you do not have.

For according to local authority sources, most driver…