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Hand tools come in handy for all kinds of domestic and workplace chores, whether it be a simple task of opening a can of soup, loosening a rusty screw, hammering a stubborn nail into place or filing off a rough edge of some newly fabricated machine part. Used properly and safely, they're a delight as they help make light of most chores or applications. But misused or abused, they can spell trouble for the user.

Using a screw driver as a lever or chisel or a spanner as hammer or a pair of pliers as a spanner can lead to serious injuries. So also can using worn tools such as mushroomed hammers, chisels or blunt ended screw drivers and bent flat or ringed spanners. It is important for hand tool users to recognize the limitations of particular tools by selecting the right tool for the job. Misapplication is an unsafe act which is better avoided.

With training on proper handling and use of hand tools, the potential for accidents and injuries can be reduced significantly right at the …