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Your Business is Hemorrhaging Money…….

And you don’t know why it’s happening. Well, not surprising. Plenty of businesses are in the same boat because they simply do not see the BIG picture.
A Game for the Big Boys
A number of small and medium scale enterprises, SMEs, tend to think that loss control is one massive mountain only scalable by the BIG BOYS! Nothing is further from the truth. The smaller you’re the bigger the hit on your operating resources as a result of hidden, silent operating losses you routinely incur. It may not be obvious to most but they do add up in the end. Because each time some material, tool or spares are misused, damaged, lost or misplaced in the cost of work, money goes down the drain. But not many know so because the system simply does not recognize or capture those as losses.
Unrecorded, Insignificant Sundry Events
In the end, thousands of operating dollars are lost to unrecorded, insignificant sundry events because they involved neither injury nor product loss/damage. So long as these events occur…

Pedestrian Safety

Smaller, Nippier and No LightsCoping with pedestrians in traffic can be big, big trouble because they are the most vulnerable of all road users. Motorists must take this fact into consideration each time they are out on the road. Because pedestrians do not have headlights, it is generally more difficult for them to see and be seen; especially at night and in poor weather conditions.
They are slower in acceleration but can stop faster and in shorter distances than any powered vehicle. Quicker on the turn and weighing a lot less than the smallest vehicle, they are more susceptible to serious injuries and permanent damage than all other road users combined in the event of a collision.
Easily Lost in Blind Spots Being relatively small in size, the pedestrian is easily lost in the driver’s pockets of vision, otherwise known as blind spots. Objects hidden in blindspots are always exposed to real danger while drivers are turning left or right, and while reversing. Checking driving mirrors frequ…