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Safety meetings are a cardinal feature of all safety programmes.

It doesn't matter much whether they're scheduled, impromptu or otherwise, you can't escape them anyway. Visit any worksite and you're sure to hear something about a safety meeting. It may be about the agenda for the next one due or how boring and ineffectual the last one was. Meetings can be exciting, appropriate and to the point. So also can they be a major turn off, dull, uninspiring, uninteresting and sleep-inducing.

There's probably nothing with a greater potential to harm workplace team safety interest than a poorly organized, poorly conducted safety meeting. If it isn't 'productive' in terms of the 'takeaways' then there'll be little or no incentive for the participants to give it any memory space. Safety meetings are supposed to be like refueling stations. They provide opportunities to recharge your knowledge bank of batteries via real time experience-sharing, discoverin…